Mathematical handwriting

I was once told in no uncertain terms to stop using the letter \xi in my talks. I disagree. I think it’s a great letter, especially in scrabble.

I just stumbled acrossed this great page by John Kerl, which contains numerous tips for handwriting in mathematics. I think I differ in one or two places, but I couldn’t agree more with taking a moment to think about it. Maths is communication for the most part, starting with one’s own handwritten notes.

On the subject of excellent references about mathematical communication, I also really enjoyed reading The Grammar According to West, which is something of a Strunk and White for maths papers.


Returning to Cambridge

I am excited to announce that, after several years’ hiatus working in finance, I am returning to full-time mathematics. I’ve accepted a position as a research associate, working with Peter Varju, starting in September. Due to personal circumstances I will be working mostly remotely from my home in Belfast, but I hope to be in Cambridge (and elsewhere!) often.

The support and encouragement I received while making this decision, on all sides and from a few people in particular, has been both surprising and touching. Mathematics is as much a community and a culture as it is a science, and it is a community and culture which I am very happy and proud to be fully a part of again.